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Humans of Eragia

One of the more despised races due to The Gray War.  Thanks to the Emperor Soren, Humans have received a bad reputation when it comes to lusting for power, resources, and land.  While a lot of the humans now-a-days forsaken Emperor Soren's beliefs, history still binds them to their marred past.  

Humans are like you and I, capable of doing whatever they set their minds to.  

Average Height:  5'0" to 6'4"
Average Weight: 110 to 250 lbs
Average Lifespan:  80 Years

Racial Ability
Lvl 1:  Pick 1
Lvl 10:  Pick a second
Lvl 20:  Pick a third

Human Ingenuity
Passive Effect.  Gain +2 General Skills points
At the beginning of every battle, a human may put 1 additional point into any of their primary stats.  This point is temporary and is removed at the end of every battle.  
Passive Effect. Gain +1 Inventory Slot
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