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Elves of Eragia

Naturally beautiful and graceful, Elves are known for their pointed ears and beautiful skin complexion.  Elves are very reclusive and generally err towards the side of caution, residing in small communities away from society.  While it isn't uncommon for Elves to strike out on their own, as a community, they stick together and disallow themselves to join any conflicts.  

This was a point of contention during the *The Gray War* where the Elvish community refused to join the Dwarves, Katarans, and Solarans against the humans that oppressed them.  Even when the humans progressed upon their lands, they stayed out of the conflict, choosing to move away to a different location after their main capital, Z'thal, was completely destroyed.  Dwarves and Katarans often saw them as cowards because of this.

Elves are known for their magical prowess and craftsmanship.  While not as strong (or as crude) as dwarven craftsmanship, their creations are just like they are; beautiful.  Their creations are unrivaled in spectacle and beauty.  

Average Height:  4'9" to 5'6"
Average Weight:  115 to 155 lbs
Average Lifespan:  Up to 850 years

Racial Ability
Lvl 1: Pick 1
Lvl 10: Pick a second
Lvl 20: Pick a third
Low Light Vision
Passive Effect.  Elf suffers no penalty against fighting in the darkness
Lesser Fae Magic
Passive Effect.  The Elf is capable of using Fae Magic, regardless of their class.  The Elf may use Level 1 Fae Magic.

Every 5th level, the Elf may use 1 Level higher in Fae Magic
One With Magic
Passive Effect.  +3 MP

Every 5th level, the elf gains an additional +3 MP
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