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Before you Summon the Battle Master

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Before you Summon the Battle Master

Post by Game Master on Thu Feb 08, 2018 5:43 am

In order to make combat fair for everyone, there are rules for initiating combat in an RP against other players.  Needless to say, this only applies to PvP (Player vs Player) and not necessarily PvE (Player vs Enemy).

When to initiate combat
In order to summon a Battle Master (BM) all participants must have participated in the topic for at least 2 posts minimum.  Any member in the topic that hadn't posted twice (2 full rounds of posting) before the BM is called is considered a non-combatant.  This is mainly to 'block ganks' from happening.  
NOTE:  2 Full Rounds of Posting does not include the ganking party posting one-after-another in order for them to get their 2 posts in.  EVERYONE in the posting order must post before the ganking party can post again for their second round.  Violating this will be considered loopholing.

What is a 'gank'?
A gank is basically when people just rush in to a topic for the sheer purpose of PKing/Defeating another member.  Ganks happen a lot on PvP sites like this with a group of people piling in for the person being protected/antagonizing the situation to call for a BM.

When normal entrance into a thread is halted
Normal entrance to a thread is halted the moment a BM is summoned.  After the BM is summoned, then everyone outside of the topic and those within the topic but considered non-combatants must follow "Entrance Procedures" in order to become a combatant.

Entrance Procedures
Who can enter?
There will be 2 groups of people affected by Entrance Procedures:
1:  In Topic/Non-Combatants:  These are people that attempted to enter the area but only had 1 post in before the BM was summoned.  
2:  Not in Topic:  These are people that weren't in the topic, but was summoned in somehow.

How can they join?
The "In Topic/Non-Combatants" (ITNC) are capable of joining the fight 1 round after the BM has been called.  They must make a post 'entering' the fight.  This can be made directly after the BM requests information from all combatants.  The very next round, they are considered legal combatants with the BM requesting their information for the fight.
If the ITNC didn't post directly after the BM was summoned, they can also hold off until later.  They cannot, however, join the fight until 1 round after they post entering combat.  It will be entirely up to them when they want to join.  

The "Not in Topic" (NiT) crowd entering combat is a bit difficult.  In order for a NiT to enter combat, they must be 'summoned' in with certain spells.  If a spell like "Dimension Door" is used, people from the outside can join the combat topic.  They cannot join the topic without use of these certain spells.  Upon entering combat, they must make 2 posts to enter (2 rounds entering topic) before they are considered a combatant.

Example 1 ITNC wrote:
Jake Sorcerer is in a topic with Mike Warrior
They posted several times together and things get heated
Mike Warrior has Tim Priest and Nina Dark Knight enter the thread
Jake Sorcerer summons BM.
Jake and Mike are legal combatants while Tim and Nina are considered ITNC.
Nina makes a post entering the topic while Tim does not
Round 1 is posted up.
Nina is now a legal combatant and sends the BM their information.
Example 2 NiT wrote:
Jake Sorcerer is in a topic with Mike Warrior
They posted several times together and things get heated
Mike Warrior summons BM
They fight 3 rounds with Jake Sorcerer using Dimension Door to summon 2 people.
Michelle Thief and Marsha Paladin step through the Dimension Door and post an RP entering.
Round 4 goes up
Michelle Thief and Marsha Paladin post another post, making this 2 rounds of entering.
Round 5 goes up
Michelle Thief and Marsha Paladin are now considered legal combatants and sends their information to the BM
Combat Slots
A participant may only be in 1 modded fight at a time.  If a BM was summoned and one of the participants is currently in another modded battle, they will be treated as an ITNC until their other fight has been concluded.  The fight will go on, as usual until they have their Combat Slot freed up.  If the ITNC in question was killed in their other fight, they will not be participating in the fight they have queued up for.  They will be treated as a non-combatant for the remainder of the fight.
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