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The Playable Races of Eragia

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The Playable Races of Eragia

Post by Game Master on Thu Feb 08, 2018 5:47 am

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The races of Eragia is the backbone to a player's character.  Once someone chooses to create a character, one of the first things they'll look into is the races that they'll be playing, whether it suits their style of combat or whether it suits their style of RP.  Each of the races have a history behind them which may (or may not) affect the way some races interact with others while offering Racial Abilities (which the user can choose).

Unlike Classes, a player may not change their race.  Once you have chosen your Race at character creation, there is no going back!  So choose wisely.

At Character Creation
Upon creating your character, you will be given the opportunity to select your race.  Find the race that suits you and put the name of the race in the proper area.

Once you have chosen your race, you will be given an opportunity to select a Racial Ability.

What can be changed
After character creation has been completed, the only things you can change are your Racial Abilities.  One may opt to change via a Faction Request using the following:
[b]Racial Abilities Change Request[/b]

[u]Character Name[/u]:
[u]Character Race[/u]:
[u]Character Ability Requesting Change[/u]:  ((List ability that you want to remove here))
[u]Character Ability Replacing[/u]:  ((List new ability here))
[u]Link to RP[/u]:  ((Link to an actual RP of 300 words or more))
This can be done either in a previously performed RP or a solo-RP (if the user desires).  Once the request has been made, a moderator in your faction will look over the request and see if the RP is usable for the change.  If the application is approved, you are required to have this reflect in your character sheet.

One may only change their Racial Ability every 2 IRL months.  This is to prevent people from constantly changing their Race's abilities to suit every situation.
NOTE:  Abuse of this mechanic may cause it to become stricter to change abilities or the ability to change will be revoked, so don't abuse this.
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