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Dragonborn of Eragia

Dragons are heralded as godly creatures in Eragia.  Dragons are also known to choose mortal creatures to mate with in order to give birth to one who will be destined to change the course of history.  A Dragon Born will always have a mortal mother and a Dragon father.  A Dragonborn's traits doesn't manifest until they have reached the pinnacle of power; then and only then will a Dragonborn's racial traits emerge.  A Dragonborn isn't a person to be trifled with and must be taken seriously.  

Humanoid Form
Takes the size and shape of their previous race.

Racial Ability
Dragon Form
May spend 3 Actions to transform into their Dragon Form.
Transforming into their Dragon Form unequips the user's weapons, armor, and items.  However, they are capable of using their Class Abilities while in Dragon Form.
This ability does not have a duration nor does it have a cooldown.  
Once the player is brought below 0 HP, they are instantly reverted back to their original form.
While in Dragon Form, they gain the following abilities:
Dragon Scales
Passive Effect.  Dragonborn with Dragon Scales have a natural AC of 20  
Greater Dragon Breath
Deals 10d8 damage to up to 3 targets
Usable 3x per battle
Requires 1 Action to "Gather" and 1 Action to execute.
There is a 3 round cooldown between each use.
A Draconian's Breath Weapon is replaced by Greater Dragon Breath and share the same number of uses.
Natural Weaponry
Claws:  4d6+Str
Teeth:  5d6+Str
Tail:  3d6+Str with a 20% chance to make the target lose an action.  The Dragonborn loses -2 AC for the next 4 actions.
Costs 1 Action to perform.  While in flight, the Dragonborn is immune to all Melee-Ranged attacks (unless the attack has 'Reach').  If the Dragonborn makes a melee-ranged attack, they are susceptible to melee-ranged counters and the next action made by their target has 'Reach'.

Costs 1 Action to stop flying.

This is a special race!  This is NOT a starting race!  There are certain conditions one must meet in order to obtain this race.  Read below to learn more.

In order to become a Dragonborn, the player must reach a Character Level of 30 and apply for Dragonborn status.  The applicant will go through a modded topic called a 'Dragon's Trial' where they will encounter their Dragon Father and the Dragon Father will determine their worth through modded combat.  Regardless of win or lose, depending on how the Dragonborn applicant did, the Dragon will judge if they are worthy of the Dragon blood.  If they are worthy of the Dragon blood, the Dragon Father, whose name will be given afterward (and added to the list of Dragon Fathers) will unlock Dragonborn blood within the applicant.  

If the Dragon Father does not see the worth of the potential Dragonborn, they will kill the applicant.  

Players may only have 1 Dragonborn character ever.  If a player's Dragonborn character dies, they can never be a Dragonborn ever again.
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