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General Abilities

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General Abilities

Post by Game Master on Wed Nov 21, 2018 5:04 am

At character creation, you are given 5 General Abilities Points.
May get 6 General Abilities Points if you roll a Lunaran with the Jack of All Trades Racial Trait.
May get 7 General Abilities Points if you roll a Human with the Human Ingenuity Racial Trait.

You may not gain any more General Abilities Points other than the 5-7 General Abilities Points gained upon character creation.

Each General Ability has 3 levels that may or may not be obtained, entirely up to the user.  However, in order to unlock the Level 3 effect, one must have Level 1 and Level 2.  You do not need to gain all 3 levels if you don't want.  Each Level costs 1 General Abilities Points (GAP).  

Learning/Unlearning/Swapping General Abilities
1)  May learn General Abilities during their character creation by spending their points.  Normally, one would have 5 General Abilities points, so one can just allocate where they wish to allocate their points.  No roleplay is needed.
2)  After character creation, one may change their General Abilities once per month through the Request Area.  In order to do this, they must:
A)  State their currently allocated GAP.
B)  If adding, state the number of points being used and the Ability + Lvl.
C)  If removing, state which ability and at what level it will be removed (which will free up GAP)
D)  If replacing, state which ability and at what level it will be removed and state what ability and what level will be replacing.
One may never exceed the number of GAPs they are allowed.  They may, however, not use all of their GAPs if that's what they want.  

Joe is a Human with the Human Ingenuity Racial Trait.
Joe has 7 Abilities
Joe gains Ability A at level 3
Joe gains Ability B at level 1
Joe gains Ability C at level 2
Joe gains Ability D at level 1

Joe has used 7 GAP

Human/Lunaran unlearning Human Ingenuity/Jack of All Trades
If a Human or Lunaran went through character creation with either Human Ingenuity or Jack of All Trades in order to get the extra GAP only to change that Racial Trait to something else, they also lose those GAP.  In order for them to be able to switch off of that Racial Trait, they are REQUIRED to submit a change to their GAP at the exact same time.  They cannot change their Racial Trait without changing their GAP.

When you can't change GAP
There is only 1 time you CANNOT change your GAP.  This is after a Battle Master has been summoned.  Once a Battle Master has been summoned into your topic, you may not change your GAP.  You must wait until after the Battle Master has received your information before you are capable of even requesting a GAP swap.
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