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Solarans of Eragia

Also known as 'Angels' in other lore, Solarans are considered immortal due to a cycle of death and rebirth.  Solarans are fabled as 'the creators of the world' and are, in some cases, heralded higher than the gods themselves.  Even the gods don't dare to cross a Solaran for they fear that their ability to alter physics, space, and time, that even their own existence may be undone.  

Solarans are known to take on the body of a mortal.  A Solaran may be born as a mortal, grow up as a mortal, and even potentially die as a mortal without remembering who they were.  The other Solarans are capable of judging the deeds of the Mortal-Bound Solaran and may grant them the ability to remember who they are.  It is through many good-works, during their life as a mortal, that the Solaran may be able to awaken as their true selves.  If a Mortal-Bound Solaran isn't seen as worthy, they are given a total of 3 chances to prove their worth before being barred from awakening.  

Average Height:  Varies
Average Weight:  Varies
Average Lifespan:  Undefined

Racial Ability  (Get All)
Solar Magic
Passive Effect:  Solaran gains access to all Solar Magic
Costs 1 Action to perform.  While in flight, the Solarn is immune to all Melee-Ranged attacks (unless the attack has 'Reach').  If the Solaran makes a melee-ranged attack, they are susceptible to melee-ranged counters and the next action made by their target has 'Reach'.

Costs 1 Action to stop flying.
Divine Avatar
Upon gaining Solaran, the user must choose one of the gods listed in the pantheon.  The user may not choose Dark Gods.  They gain all of the spells of that god.  

If a member of the clergy becomes a Solaran, all of their spells associated with that god cost -1 MP
This is a special race!  This is NOT a starting race!  There are certain conditions one must meet in order to obtain this race.  Read below to learn more.

In order to become a Solaran, the player must reach a Character Level of 30 and apply for Solaran status. This requires a modded event called a 'Judge's Trial' where there is an RP with the one trying to unlock Solaran has their roleplays reviewed to see their 'good merits'.  If more than enough 'good merits' have been decided upon, through RP and RP history, then the player will be given the status of Solaran.  

A failed 'Judge's Trial' will require a 2 OOC month wait (minimum) until it can be re-accomplished, adding the deeds performed within the time between trials to the judgement.  A player only has 3 tries to become a Solaran, per character, before being unable to apply.

Players may only have 1 Solaran character ever. If a player's Solaran character dies, they can never be a Solaran ever again.
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