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Lunaran of Eragia

Solarans who have fallen from grace, cursed into having a mortal body against their will, are the Lunarans.  They are 'banished angels', having one of their wings torn off of their body as a reminder of their sin.  This wing may stay as the pristine white color or it may decay and change colors.  Lunarans are offered no favors from the Solarans nor may they ever re-ascend to becoming a solaran -- they are truly forsaken.  Lunarans may also come into being by Solarans who disobey or betray the Solaran Order and flee from the Solaran Order to live a life as a mortal.  While not inherently evil, they are also not inherently good either.

Average Height:  4'9" to 6'5"
Average Weight:  100 to 215 lbs
Average Lifespan:  150 years after they have fallen from grace

Racial Ability
Lvl 1:  Pick 1
Lvl 10:  Pick a second
Lvl 20:  Pick a third
Limited Flight
Costs 1 action to perform.  While in flight, the Lunaran is immune to all Melee-Ranged attacks (unless the attack has 'Reach').  If the Lunaran makes a melee-ranged attack, they are susceptible to melee-ranged counters and the next action made by their target has 'Reach'.
This only lasts for 2 rounds and requires a 2 round cooldown between each use.

Costs 1 action to stop flying.
Lunar Magic
The Lunarian gains access to Lunar Magic with Level 1 Lunaran gaining access to Level 1 Lunar Magic.

Every 5th Level, the Lunaran gains access to the next level of Lunar Magic
Jack of All Trades
Passive Effect: Gains +1 General Skills point
A Lunaran may NEVER become a Solaran again nor may they become Dragonborn.
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