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Katarans of Eragia

Sentient Beastmen.  Katarans generally take the shape of a lion or other feline creature, taking on the majority of their physiology.  While the majority of Katarans are feline in-nature, it isn't strange to find a Kataran taking on the appearance of other animals to include canines, ungulates, and even cattle.  While those are a lot more rare, in comparison, it isn't beyond to pale to see.  

Kataran served a big role, as steadfast allies to the Dwarves during The Gray War.  Their spoils for the Gray War was the annexation of the entire Purmarrion race, enslaving them for their own needs.  

Katarans are primitive in-thought, generally having a tribal mentality.  They are also a heavily warrior-race, generally seeing the use of magic as cowardly.  While there are some Kataran mages, they are often outcast from the tribes.

Average Height:  6'6" to 7'1"
Average Weight:  250 to 325 lbs
Average Lifespan:  Up to 45 years

Racial Ability
Lvl 1:  Pick 1
Lvl 10:  Pick a second
Lvl 20:  Pick a third
Passive Effect.  Starting at Level 1, the Kataran is immune to Level 1 Fear effects.

Every 5th Level, the Kataran becomes immune to another level of Fear effects
Mighty Roar
Requires 2 Actions.  May select an effect (which needs to be noted to the Battle Master) what to do with it.  
Roar for Help:  Other Kataran, regardless of what side they take, may join battle after the use of this.  Only 1 Kataran may join per use.
Terrifying Roar:  Causes Fear in up to 3 targets.  
Saving Throw:  Charisma
Saving Roll:  13 or higher
Rallying Roar:  Gives self and up to 2 teammates +2 to their next attack action

This goes on a 3 round cooldown after use.Only one Roar for Help may be used on each side per round.
Passive Effect. When teamed up with another Kataran, the Kataran deals +2 damage. This does not stack with every dwarf present, only 1 is needed. If a Kataran witnessed another Kataran using magic, Tribalism is deactivated.

Every 5th Level, the Kataran gains +1 damage with Tribalism.
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