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Purmarrions of Eragia

Often seen as the 'inferior beastman race' Purmarrions appear to be humans or elves with slightly bestial appearances (such as animal ears, tail, a couple tufts of fur, etc).  While having a small resemblance to a beast, they look primarily like humans or elves.  

Purmarrions were seen as equals to humans during *The Emperor*'s occupation before and during The Gray War.  Upon The Emperor's defeat, they were subjugated by the Katarans and were used as slaves of all manners.  Their jobs consisting of being anywhere from butlers to laborers.  They were also peddled off to other races to include the elves, dwarves, and even other humans.  

It was only recently that Purmarrions were granted freedom and autonomy; to make their own destiny.  Due to their recent emancipation, they are still seen as inferior creatures and still receive harsh treatment as if they were still in subjugation. Due to the harsh life they had to live, Purmarrions die young, around the age of thirty. They do not look old at the age of 30, aging very similarly, if not slightly slower, than humans. 

Average Height:  5'1" to 5'8"
Average Weight:  80 to 165 lbs
Average Lifespan:  Up to 30 years

Racial Ability
Lvl 1:  Pick 1
Lvl 10:  Pick a second
Lvl 20:  Pick a third
Passive Effect: The Purmarrion takes half damage from falling.
Quick Reaction
Bonus Action: The Purmarrion may instantly dodge an attack requiring a Dexterity Saving Throw.
This may only be used 3 times per battle
Quick Feet
Passive Effect: When attempting to flee, requires 1 less round to flee from combat
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